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Dry Rot-Philistine

Dry Rot Philistine LP Parts Unknown Records Dry Rot have been a band who came highly recommended from many friends. Didn’t they tour with Mind Eraser one summer too? Cool. I have enjoyed their many eps in the past, but they never really pulled me in where I would listen to them a lot. That has changed a bit with their new LP on Parts Unknown. Manic hardcore bouncing between power violence and the free jazz influenced style of SST bands like Saccharine Trust (a member of whom played on this record!), Black Flag, Gone, Painted Willie, etc. This is…
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Signifying Nothing Episode Sixteen

Playlist Deathreat-Since Day One Colt Turkey-Christmas Sucks Aburadako-Nothing Jello Biafra & DOA-Power Is Boring Frank Castle Gonna Break Your Neck-Everybody Is A Cop! Team Dresch-Fagetarian & Dyke Team Dresch-Free Wheel Team Dresch-The Council Team Dresch-Song For Anne Bannon Team Dresch-Don’t Try Suicide Team Dresch-Growing Up In Springfield Jawbox-Tools & Chrome Neos-Sexual Revolution Husker Du-Bricklayer Low Profile Threat-Ripe Ripcord-Starvation Cloak/Dagger-Shady Grove Cloak/Dagger-Last Call Fucked Up-Neat Parts Jerry’s Kids-Machine Gun Loud & Clear-Moderation The Stupids-What Happens Next Wrecks-Couldn’t Believe It Rupture-Bloodshed Is Better For Ratings Full Speed Ahead-Lost Signals M.A.D.-Holocaust Killing Children-Majority Painted Willie-Paper Tiger Weston-No Kind Of Superstar Straight Ahead-We Stand…
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