Ink and Dagger-The Icarus Line @ The Melody Bar In New Brunswick NJ Spring 1998

This was The Icarus Line’s first show and I guess they got to be a pretty popular band later on?

I do not remember anything out of the ordinary from Ink and Dagger. Justin went off and dove a few times during some song and a bunch of emos bummed out. We went through this phase where we decided to go off for them a lot after this one time where some of those douchey PC types really did not like it. Looking bad, it is pretty dumb, but at the time it was hilarious to us. Sean McCabe and those dudes certainly never told us to stop.

I have no idea who else played this show, but I think a few others did. We might have left to go record shopping during their sets though. Curmudgeon Records was not that far away, so it was easy to bail out of gigs in New Brunswick for a bit if shitty bands were playing. In fact I am pretty sure we did because I think this was the show where I had a record get melted in the car.