Kurbjaw (Spirit)-Adventures In Immortality-Unanswered-Mandella Strike Force @ Bayville VFW July 1995

We got flyers for this show and others in Bayville that summer during summer school. I failed driving class (and the first time I took the test!), so I had to go for a week. Our school also took in a few other schools students for summer school, so we had kids from Lacey and a few others. Sometime that week, someone gave me a flyer for these shows.

These Bayville shows were done by the guys behind Words Of Honor Fanzine, which was a local Straight Edge fanzine. My prom date was best friends with one of their cousins. I remember when I showed up for our first date, she was wearing a Words of Honor shirt and I was all “hey!”

Kurbjaw had members of Floorpunch, who were this band we would hear about more as that summer and fall went on. I have a great story about that demo and the first time we heard it coming later. I think this was their first show as Spirit, but I remember talking to the band afterwards and buying their record. They did a few seven inches as Kurbjaw and then another seven inch as Spirit.

Adventures In Immortality were an emo band from, I believe, Florida. A bunch of my friends bought their shirts because they had a cool name. They came back later in the summer and looked pretty happy to see some familiar faces. They had a seven inch too, but I think other people bought it. I am sure I had a tape of it after that, but I do not remember much about them.

Unanswered were from our area and reminded me a lot of bands like Rorschach. I think I went to college with someone related to someone in the band. They did a demo and ep and then changed their name to Hope Delusion later on.

Mandella Strike Force had members of what would become Ink & Dagger. My big memory of their set is the television in the background with lots of static going on it. Even in 1995 that seemed silly.

I met a TON of people at this show who I would be in touch with for many years afterwards. I think a few other bands played too, but I am not sure. I came home with a huge pile of records, fanzines, and other stuff.