Murphy’s Law-Refuse To Fall-Degenerics at Manville Elks Lodge In Manville NJ Fall 1997

The best part about this show was the “Manville!!!!!!!!!!!!” jokes. The lodge had a bunch of trophies on the wall that straight up looked like some Viking/Game of Thrones stuff. Jimmy Gestapo noticed this and riffed on it a lot during their set.

I had to ask around about who else played this show and it turns out it was Refuse To Fall and Degenerics and probably some others. I do remember Refuse To Fall, but I think I went for food during their set. Maybe Ensign played too? There is a pretty high chance that Ensign played any and all Manville shows it seems. I think someone in the band knew the people from the Elks Lodge? The people from the lodge were always so nice to everyone at the shows, which was cool.

Murphy’s Law were great at this show. They stuck to the hits and a big crowd went off for them. When they were on fire and not playing an hour of the Bong Song, they were one of the best bands you could go see. Unfortunately, over the years they have been super hit or miss. Surely that will happen when you switch members a lot, which they seem to do.