Better Than A Thousand-Speak 714-In My Eyes-Battery at Melody Bar in New Brunswick, NJ 7-15-98

Honestly, this was a weird show. A few super bullshit things happened. During In My Eyes one of those douchey Boston dudes got all weird with me because I knew the words to their precious new songs. I had gotten an advance CD a few days before and had played it a lot so I could sing along. I kept getting weird looks that screamed “oh my god, someone from outside our crew knows the secret too!”

I have no idea what Battery were like, but I packed it up front for Speak 714. Afterwards, I went up to Dan at their table to thank him for doing the interview a few days before and he basically shrugged at me and went back to his book. Thanks, dick. For a band that basically like four people gave a shit about, you would think he would be a bit more grateful. We had about a three sentence conversation.

Better Than A Thousand was hilarious. Ray kept telling all these stupid BACK IN THE DAY stories. Wow, you are so old school! One of the creepiest things I have ever seen at a show happened during their set when Ray told the crowd to sit down and THEY ALL DID.