Madball-Fury Of V-E Town Concrete at Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ Summer 1996

Crystal and I went to this show. Demonstrating My Style had just come out and Madball were one of the best live bands going at the time. I wish I could remember who else played, but I think it was Second To None and Corrupt. A couple of posers from my high school went to this but all hide away from the pit and whatnot.

E Town Concrete were totally not my thing, but they always got a crazy reaction. They had a few demos and I think I picked them up and a shirt which I traded a few years later for a bunch of Revelation coloured vinyl. Their guitar player Kenny was a really nice dude who I used to see at a lot of shows back then.

Madball, I think, opening with an Agnostic Front cover. I swear this happened. They definitely covered Crucified and It’s My Life at one point too. They were a ferocious live band and crowd went off hard for them. I packed it up front to sing along and got off a bunch of dives. I remember I had some stupid straight edge/high school beef with this other dude we went to high school with and I dove AT him at one point and kind of kicked him on the way down. Madball makes you think you are tough!