97a-Tear It Up-Last In Line-Shark Attack-Think I Care @ Kendall Park NJ 6-3-01

I have no memory of Think I Care or Last In Line from this show. I think I went to go get dinner or something after working all day. Shark Attack were great and covered Last Rites. I’m all over that video going off really hard. Tear It Up broke open this big doll and the fuzz from inside it broke all over the floor. There was a lot of drama about 97a playing this show. It’s a bit of a longer story than this, but this show is famous for the beef between them and Purpose over both playing a show on that day which spilled onto the Rev Board and into this show. There was also some issue with 97a having not played a show in a few years, which seemed like such a weird thing to be mad about even back then. I do have this distinct memory of just wanting to see 97a and get out of there though. In the summer of 2001 I was in a weird head space.

That first 97a seven inch is still a rager. A lot of people in this video I haven’t seen in a long time.