Full Speed Ahead-SOV at Brighton Bar In Long Branch NJ 6-16-98

This show was the night of John’s graduation from Southern. I had a party with my family for mine and like two friends showed. A show is much better!

This was a Tuesday night I think, so the show was sparsely attended for sure. SOV were a local punk band which members eventually ended up in Full Speed Ahead actually. They did a few demos and maybe a seven inch?

I took pictures of Full Speed Ahead at this show, but I think I sent them to a few fanzines and they got published. I certainly do not have copies of them any more. I was so bad at keeping stuff organized and sometimes I even got rid of master copies of stuff if I was not happy with it any more.

Something silly that came out of this show: I was so bummed that this show was poorly attended and ended up writing a piece about it in a fanzine I was doing at the time. It was pretty silly and my argument was that more people should come out to shows like this, even on a week night, to support good local bands. Easy to say when you are 18, right? But I still believe in the sentiment of it.

Maybe three or four years later, I had a dispute with someone on a message board and that piece randomly comes up as the reason I suck. What? I had totally forgotten about it and admitted to its silliness, but to no real avail. Oh well.