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Report Suspicious Activities

Report Suspicious Activities S/T CD Alternative Tentacles Records I was pretty curious about this record before I heard it. This band is the new project for members of Jawbox and Articles of Faith. Cool combo. What you get however is a mixed bag of a record that ultimately is a bit of a letdown. Some of the songs on here generally are really good. They are heavy, sometimes melodic, and a little sludgy. However, a lot of them are either about three minutes too long or get bogged down in a lot of attempting to experiment in the music. There…
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Newz U Can Uze

Holy crap, a lot of Newz U Can Uze After a couple years of work, Bridge Nine Records is going to be putting out the Schism Fanzine book. I have not had originals of the Schism issues in a couple years, so I am excited to check it out again. In sort of Schism related news, Ronny Little has a new interview with Alex Brown up about Schism’s precursor Loveseat. Porcell is now playing guitar for Bold yet again. I am not really a fan, but good luck to those guys. I am looking forward to the Generations compilation on…
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