Newz U Can Uze

Holy crap, a lot of Newz U Can Uze

  • After a couple years of work, Bridge Nine Records is going to be putting out the Schism Fanzine book. I have not had originals of the Schism issues in a couple years, so I am excited to check it out again.
  • In sort of Schism related news, Ronny Little has a new interview with Alex Brown up about Schism’s precursor Loveseat.
  • Porcell is now playing guitar for Bold yet again. I am not really a fan, but good luck to those guys.
  • I am looking forward to the Generations compilation on Revelation Records. There are some great bands on it like Mind Eraser, Robot Whales, and Mental.
  • Scumville is a new UKHC archive. Some of my favorite bands like Voorhees, Heresy, Napalm Death, and Discharge have come from the UK. I hope that this site takes off as Kill From The Heart did.
  • Strange Reaction has had some awesome posts up lately. They have profiled Scared Straight, a favorite Nardcore band of mine. As I note in the comments, Scott Radinsky played pro baseball for the White Sox, Dodgers, and a few other teams. As of a few years ago he owned a skate park in California. He was interviewed for It’s Alive Fanzine and seemed like a very cool dude still. Strange Reaction also has a great post up about Government Issue.
  • Punknews has the fall dates for Henry Rollins’ latest spoken word tour. Hopefully I’ll be hitting up one of the New Jersey shows.
  • Bystander Fanzine has a really awesome interview up with Djini from Absolution. I have always wondered how Djini would be in an interview, and I was not let down by this at all.
  • The Beastie Boys are posting acappella songs on their website to encourage fans to create remixes. They even have a forum for people to talk about and share them. I am not really into or know much about the remix thing, but this sounds cool.
  • Triple Threat has a new website with live mp3’s from their upcoming record.
  • Jello Biafra is going to be doing a 2nd record with The Melvins entitled Sieg Howdy!. I was really into their first record, and was very pleasantly surprised to find out that Jello was the one who came to The Melvins with a lot of the more hardcore (that sound a bit like Bl’ast! I think) sounding songs. Also coming from Alternative Tentacles this fall is a new record from Articles of Faith singer Vic Bondi. Punknews has all the info here.
  • Signifying Nothing’s friend Bart from Ghent Decontrol Fanzine has started his own music blog. So far, he has a preview of his latest issue (NYHC Tribute) and there is more to come. Looks good.
  • Ladies From Neptune has an interview up with the old band Heibel. Good stuff; check them out if you have not.
  • Meanwhile, across the hardcore blogsphere, check out these posts on The Master Tape Compilation, Deadguy, Gastunk, and The Angry Samoans.