Judas Iscariot-You & I-The State Secedes-Stormshadow-Hope Delusion @ Masonic Temple In Metuchen, NJ 1-31-98

This was obviously a weird show, but I went to this show to talk to The Judas Iscariot about an interview. I really liked them and hoped they would be into it. I worked all day and then drove up to Metuchen, which is about an hour and maybe ten or fifteen from Manahawkin. School work? Nah. Driving on a few hours sleep? Of course!

I got some odd reactions from some people who were surprised I was at this show. I remember I hung out with Paul Hanily for awhile. Hope Delusion used to be called Unanswered, who did a pretty ill demo tape back in about 1994. Reminded me a lot of Rorschach back then. Stormshadow were this weird emo/swing/etc band from New Brunswick. I knew a few members of the band pretty well and used to always see Sue at shows. It was sweet when she sent us one of their seven inches for review and wrote a nice note.

I was exhausted at this show and literally fell asleep in the corner during State Secedes. You and I were their usual gross spectacle with people crying and all this bullshit. 95% of the people in the audience were so disgusting and fake. It made straight edge bands look super awesome in comparison. Soon though I would want to bail on both things.

The Judas Iscariot were a cool power violence band. They covered Circle Jerks at some point in their set, which was really cool and I bummed out a few emos by singing along. I spoke to their singer afterwards and we agreed to do an interview, which appeared in Parade Brigade Fanzine #1 about a year later.