The First Step-What We Know

The First Step
What We Know LP
Rivalry Records

I’ve always been pretty lukewarm towards The First Step. Live I have always enjoyed them but on record they are pretty flat sounding. Maybe it is my growing boredom with this style? Well, much like Tragedy last week, this is a record that has been hyped to death. Add that to the fact that Wally from Gorilla Biscuits produced it has left the kids salivating for this one. Well, Wally producing a record does nothing for because that dude hasn’t done anything I like since about 1990 or so. Doesn’t he play crappy indie pop shit now? Ugh. The First Step play 1988 inspired youth crew hardcore that reminds me a lot of the second Insted LP What We Believe. If I was straight edge, sixteen, and hyped up on positive hardcore, I think I would love this record. However, sadly, I am twenty-six, haven’t been straight edge for a long time, and am totally burnt out on this stuff. I can definitely hear Wally’s influence on this too; a lot of these songs sound like unreleased Gorilla Biscuits songs. By the end of side one I was pretty bored with this. If you like this kind of thing though, I think you are gonna love this record.