Smash & Grab

Pictures courtesy of Start Today Fanzine


(Nice Hardware Fanzine shirt on me)

This show was hyped up for awhile as I recall. Smash & Grab was the new band for three members of Floorpunch together with members of Shark Attack and American Nightmare. Yeah, we were pretty curious. Bane and No Warning also played along with a couple others. I think I headed to this show with Jay Fisher and maybe Jim Lundy and a few other friends of ours. Smash & Grab had shirts for sale before they played and I got a chance to catch up with a bunch of friends who I had not seen in awhile. Around this time period (early 2002) I think I kind of vanished from shows at different points.

I recall the band Embrace Today covering Guilty Of Being White. Uh huh. There was some drama at the time about them covering it at a show with some white power skins attending too I think. They also covered an Anthrax (not the excellent UK band, the shitty metal one) song or intro or something.

All of us packed up front for Smash & Grab’s set. I made a point of packing my micro recorder so that I could tape their set. This turn out to be smart as they never played another show.


Smash & Grab took the stage and busted into their intro. A few people moved around, I think I might dove and landed on my ass awkwardly, but most people just watched in anticipation. Their sound was a bit different from Floorpunch reminding me at times of Murphy’s Law, and Burn in one song. After a short set, and no covers strangely enough, they were done.

Some of these songs would end up on the Anger Regiment record on Bridge 9. There are interesting bits in some of the songs, but I don’t think I have listened to it since it came out.

In other news, Intro/Changes is the best Straight Edge song ever.


Another note: No Warning also played this show…at the time, I was working out a big tape trade with one of their band members (Matt Delong I think?) and it had hit a couple of snags. I was palling around with a friend of theirs in this time period, who I seem to have totally lost track of, so I talked to them about it and got everything settled. Man, I am so happy with the way things go today. People just send zip files back and forth and it is over.

I’m not really a fan, but I packed up front to check them out. No Warning get ready and bust into the Outburst intro. Yes! That got the place moving. They played a decent set, which ended with a Raw Deal cover…I think?  Like I said, I’m not really a fan but they sounded good and people totally went off.

We left before Bane played. I don’t think it was anything against them, but we checked out and headed back to the shore.