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Winter 2012 Reviews

Nomos Demo Great 82 style hardcore from this New York band. There are a lot of modern influences on this band’s demo including Cold Sweat, The Snobs, and other, hey, early 00 bands. I would like to hear more. Our Side Demo Really raw, late eighties, influenced hardcore in the vein of Release, Youth Of Today, and Four Walls Falling. With a better recording, I sense this band could be pretty good. I want to hear more. Pigsticker Demo I really like this demo. Pigsticker reminds me a cross between Circle Jerks and Necros with sloppy, raw, production values that sounds pretty authentic to the early eighties…
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New York Rules

New York Rules Tape Compilation I was interested in hearing this because there are a number of bands I read about on the internet (Pregnant, Nomos, Byrds of Paradise) a lot. Most of these bands are noisy (I guess that’s what they call it? I’m not up on the lingo) or pretty melodic/poppy. Night Birds is the only band that really held my interest for long. Fans of contemporary scene stuff will probably want to check this out.