Winter 2012 Reviews


Great 82 style hardcore from this New York band. There are a lot of modern influences on this band’s demo including Cold Sweat, The Snobs, and other, hey, early 00 bands. I would like to hear more.

Our Side

Really raw, late eighties, influenced hardcore in the vein of Release, Youth Of Today, and Four Walls Falling. With a better recording, I sense this band could be pretty good. I want to hear more.


I really like this demo. Pigsticker reminds me a cross between Circle Jerks and Necros with sloppy, raw, production values that sounds pretty authentic to the early eighties aesthetic. I’d really like to hear more from this band.

Critical Point

Wow, this band really wants to sound like the “88 in 96” era Crucial Response bands. I am reminded here of Mainstrike and especially Eyeball. Heavy, straight forward, Straight Edge hardcore. This is pretty good.

The Icemen
The Iceman 7″

The fucking Icemen! One of the best of the second tier, second wave of NYHC bands has been active online in recent years. Double Cross interviewed a member, and their one, and one time Underdog, vocalist Carl has been around as well. These early demos see their sound beginning to come into place. I think their eps are the best document of the sound they were trying for, but this is a good start. Perhaps a nice discography could put together all of the pieces. The Icemen have a ton of songs that were only played live.
Gasmask Terror
Like Daggers 7″
Flower of Carnage Records

Burly Discharge style hardcore from this French band. It’s really that simple; this is just really good. A candidate for record of the year. They also have a new CD discography of their previous work out, but this is a great introduction to the band.
Iron Age
Saga Demos 7″
Cyclopean Records

I’m glad Iron Age are done, because at this point they have totally lost me. This is soulless heavy metal with lots of cheesy melodic parts. A formerly excellent band that has really fallen off on their last few releases.
Low Profile Threat
Product #2 LP
Deep Six Records

After years of scattered rumors and two compilation tracks that barely reach 45 seconds in length between them, Low Profile Threat have put together an LP that is pretty disappointing. The pedigree is extremely strong here with members of Infest, No Comment, and Lack of Interest. The music isn’t super far off from these bands, but while Infest and No Comment thrived in the briefness of their discography, Low Profile Threat’s songs tend to drag on for too long. The 15-30 second early compilation songs were so strong because they got straight to the point. While most of the songs on this album are good, they tend to go on for a chorus or two too many. It’s not that it is bad, it’s that I would rather put on Hacked To Chunks or Judge Me instead.
Stick Together
No More Games 7″
Back To Back Records

Not surprisingly since they have some ripoff shirts of these bands, but the next generation of Wilkes-Barre Straight Edge bands sees Stick Together heavily influenced by late eighties bands like Release, Four Walls Falling, and Turning Point. This band said some questionable shit on stage when I saw them, but this record is pretty good. I am looking forward to hearing more. Members of this band are in some big pop punk band too. Whatever.

Double Negative
Raw Energy 7″
Sorry State Records

Three more excellent songs of early Corrosion of Conformity meets early Corrosion of Conformity filtered through some noisy, almost “indie,” filters. I’ve always been surprised they dsidn’ty take off with the post hardcores and Serious Adults. Great stuff.
Negative Approach
7″ Reissue
Touch & Go Records

Best record ever.
Self Titled 7″
Deranged Records

This heavily hyped band reminds me a bit of a mix between Impact Unit and maybe Die Kreuzen. Cold Sweat might be the most modern comparison, but not quite as unhinged as that band. This is good, but not as incredible as others say. Worth checking out, but I’m still bummed they don’t sound like Beyond.

No Tolerance
No Remorse, No Tolerance 7″
Youngblood Records

The best Straight Edge release in years by far. Combine the best of Confront, SSD, and Brotherhood for some monstrous hardcore with hard mosh parts. This genre is absolutely horrible these days, filled with either corny “hawd” bands or cheeseball positive bands. No Tolerance is pissed off and play great hardcore. Members of this band are also in Mind Eraser, The Rival Mob, Waste Management, and others.

Controlled In The Frame 7″ Reissue
540 Records

In time for their reunion show last year comes this reissue of the first Bastard ep. I first heard Bastard when Devoid of Faith covered a song on this record circa 1999ish. Conveniently, there was a CD bootleg of their releases (including the massively mandatory Wind of Pain LP). I like Wind of Pain more, but this ep is great. For newcomers, think, seriously this time, Age of Quarrel era Cro-Mags. Seriously. Raging, slightly metallic, hardcore with thick, loud, production.


Sessions 1981-1983 LP
Dischord Records

There have been some pretty stupid reviews of this online, so let me be brief. Void is one of the most unhinged, ugly, hardcore bands ever. This CD collections their demo recordings (which I greatly prefer to the split recording) from the Condensed Flesh demo, the Flex Your Head compilation, and other misc recordings. There is also a few live tracks. This is an essential reissue. I can’t believe I even have to say this or justify it. 2012 sucks. I hope their first demo and the unreleased LP eventually get proper reissues as well.


Psycho Dives On Slam Skank Anthems Tape
Powered Records

This Canadian band reminds me of early Die Kreuzen or Necros with some NYHC mosh parts. I was really late to hearing this one, but it is great.


Diary of a Terrorist 12″
Guerrilla Records

Raging hardcore from Japan in the “early COC meets early COC” vein. Only two songs here, but they are long ones with lots of different parts that remain interesting despite their length. Definitly making the top records of the year list.

I Am Love 7″
Triple B Records

Seriously ILL hardcore from DC in the vein of Swiz. I really like this, but it is kind of a bummer how they are doing so many seven inches instead of just one full length. That’s a lot of $5 records that could be a $12 LP.


Outlaw Order
Dragging Down The Enforcer LP
Seasons of Mist Records

Members of the mighty Eyehategod doing a side project…that sounds exactly like Eyehategod. This is really good and holds up next to EHG’s work.

Blasts of Lunacy LP
Parts Unknown Records

If Die Kreuzen were from New York City, they would sound like this Canadian band. Ugly, brooding, NYHC that reminds me of Krakdown at some points, but also with darker hinges of Die Kreuzen and Bl’ast! as well. Easily one of the best records of the year.


Boots of Faith 7″
Deranged Records

On this seven inch, Give are reaching some middle point between Rites of Spring and Swiz. Both songs are melodic like the Revolution Summer era bands, but heavy and fast like later eighties bands like Swiz and Ignition. Great stuff.