Ink & Dagger-Bluetip-Northern Mistep @ TLA Philadelphia PA 8-28-98

This show was super frustrating. Northern Mistep were supposed to be, as the flyer says, ex Swiz and No Escape but I am pretty sure they did not play the show. A few bands played before Bluetip, but I have no idea who they were and just hung out in the crowd.

Bluetip did have members of Swiz, but sounded like pretty bland Quicksand style stuff. Every few years I revisit their records and still do not dig them. I did own a shirt for awhile, which I guess I bought at this show, because I have seen pictures of me wearing it. I know a lot of people who love Bluetip and, I mean, dude was in SWIZ, so I am cool with whatever.

Ink & Dagger had just put out their album, or it was just about to come out, I think, and played a bunch of newer songs. Speaking of, they used to be compared to Swiz a lot, which has not really held up well. We were supposed to interview Sean McCabe, and I was hoping Don too, at this show. I had spoken to Sean earlier in the week and that day he told me to find him afterwards. We looked around after their set and he was nowhere to be found. Eventually, we said fuck it and began to leave.

But wait, there is more. On the way out, I had my micro recorder in my hand. A bouncer comes over and asks me if I recorded the show in this really angry tone. I tried to explain we were supposed to interview Ink & Dagger and were waiting for them. The bouncer grabs the recorder out of my hand and examines it. I said something like “the tape is at the beginning still.” One of my friends took it from him and we got out of there.