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This is a cool picture of Raybeez, the singer of the New York hardcore band Warzone. Ray died in 1997. This picture was used as the back cover of the next fanzine I did as a tribute. It was taken by Christina Garcia. I can’t believe Ray has been dead almost ten years. In 1996 I was going to interview him for the fanzine I was doing at the time. We spoke a few times on the phone, and even after the interview fell through (long story) he still called once more to check in and see how I was…
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Parade Brigade #3

Parade Brigade #3 was thrown together in about 72 hours and it shows. John and I were driving to school on a Wednesday morning and I suddenly just had to have it out for a show that Friday evening. Both interviews in this issue (Fit For Abuse + Shark Attack) were done sometime that week and most of it was haphazardly laid out the night before at about 3am by me. I think John did not even get his page to me until right before we left for the copy place. We just totally sucked at this at that time.…
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