Ignite-Rain On The Parade-Shutdown-Purpose-No Contest In Yardley PA 1-4-98

My first show of 1998 took me to Yardley again, which had been the site of an infamous show a few weeks before. I don’t remember much about Purpose. No Contest opened with the intro from Age Of Quarrel (the song), which was pretty cool.

Ignite were really late to this show. Shutdown played a long set where they busted out a ton of covers. Rain On The Parade hopped on and played a quick set too. I used to love it when this happened. Finally Ignite got there and pretty much got up on stage and began playing. They definitely were not as good as the previous year. I remember feeling really bored about halfway through. At the end of the night, I raced home to catch a new Simpsons episode because I had forgotten to set up my VCR.