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Signifying Nothing Episode Alpha

Signifying Nothing Episode Alpha Playlist Bl’ast!-It’s Alive Septic Death-Hardware Annihilation Time-Razor Lion Of Judah-Commodity Abusive Action-Heatseeker Jeasuseater-Your Airstream Future Our Turn-Break The Chain Henry Rollins-Maya Floorpunch-From The Outside Youth of today-Thinking Straight Full Speed Ahead-Assault The Faith-Subject To Change Society System DeControl-Not Normal 411-This Isn’t Me Rain On The Parade-On My Mind By The Grace Of God-Dead Ends Forward To Death-Retro Is Poison Mind Eraser-Chewed Up, Spit Out

Our Turn-Catch Your Breath

Our Turn Catch Your Breath 7” Youngblood Records This band features MRR columnist Carl Cordova. This is decent straight edge hardcore in the vein of all of the classics. For some reason, I thought a couple of songs were a bit too long but that could just be me. If you enjoy this stuff, I think you will love this record; if you are a bit sick of this style as I am, or were never really into it, you may want to pass. I bet this band is good live though. Judge for yourself-Check out an mp3 over on…
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