July 8th 2006: Forward To Death-Government Warning-Career Suicide-Splitting Headache-Wasted Time

July 8th 2006

Forward To DeathGovernment WarningCareer SuicideSplitting HeadacheWasted Time

This was my first show in awhile. I made the quick journey up to Toms River alone this time around. I think Dave had to work at the last minute and well, that’s about the only other person who goes to shows with me around here. After getting dinner I hit up the Log Cabin, which is quickly becoming a great place for shows.

Splitting Headache 7-8-06

New Jersey’s own Splitting Headache opened up and played a great set. They played a good mix of songs from their EP and some new ones, which are going to be on their recently recorded LP. I have a demo of a session they did earlier this year before that recording and I think these songs are even better than their excellent debut EP. They ended their set with the best song on that record, War Hero, which usually gets the crowd moving. I think the heat kept people in place a lot during this show. I kept looking over at Swank expecting him to start murdering people during the intro, but nothing. Nonetheless, an excellent set yet again!

WastedTim7-8-06 (4)

I think Wasted Time played next. They played a great set also. Their EP, while not getting a ton of play from me, is definitely one of the better records to come out this year. I believe they did a DYS cover at one point in their set.

governmentwarning7-8-06 (1)

After missing their first few songs while catching up with a couple friends, Government Warning absolutely blew me away. Finally the crowd got moving and the band sounded great! I was bummed they had already sold out of their new record, No Moderation, but a friend made me a CDR a few days later. No Moderation is going to be on a lot of “best of” lists for 2006! Anyway, Government Warning were really good, with Brendan doing double duty drumming for Government Warning and Wasted Time (Much like Brian doubled up for Forward To Death and Splitting Headache). The songs from the EP sounded excellent. Even though I was taking pictures I still managed to get in on some of the singalongs. At some point in the set they also busted out Minor Threat and Descendents covers, and maybe one more?

After not being too psyched on their records, Career Suicide again impressed me with their live performance. I’m hoping once I check out their newest record I will start to like them more.

forwardtodeath7-8-06 (1)

Forward To Death got back together, sort of, to play this show. I’m not a big fan of their music, but they were pretty good and got a pretty crazy reaction. Near the end they busted out a cover of Police Truck that got the crowd going nuts.

This was a fun show, I hope there are more at the Log Cabin soon!


I took a picture of my socks at this show because they were my girlfriend at the time’s socks and she did not believe me I would wear girl socks. Who says it was the first time.