Vision-Ensign-The Purpose-Saves The Day In Somerset NJ 7-21-97

This show was at Aaron Leonovich’s parents house. Aaron was a nice kid a few years older than me who did Special Forces Records (who put out records by Saves The Day, Breakdown, Purpose, etc) and was around the scene for a lot of years. He did one of the early website I remember from a hardcore kid. I used to check out Talk Is Cheap every morning. This show was in a really nice neighborhood I remember hardcore kids kind of just hanging out all over the place. The basement was huge and there was plenty of room for the bands and for people to mosh.

I think these were the only four bands to play. This was one of Saves The Day’s first, or perhaps first, show and they had demos for sale, which I got one of the first out of the box. Purpose were a pretty new band at this point to me, although they had a previous seven inch to the one that Aaron put out, which coincidently featured people who would end up in Saves The Day. They were a melodic DC influenced band that had a couple of nice dudes and a few super douchey dudes in it. They covered an Inside Out song at this show I think.

I don’t remember anything out of the ordinary about Ensign or Vision’s sets.

Nate is in there…somewhere…