Vision-Killing Time-In My Eyes-Ensign-97a at The Down Under New Brunswick NJ 7-6-97

I went to this show with CJ I think, but my memory is a little hazy. Floorpunch was supposed to also play this show, but they canceled because Zev was on tour with Endeavor. I know they played a few shows with Little Dave or Zusi on bass, but this one got canceled. Instead, after a few openers, we got a surprise three song set by In My Eyes, which included a Uniform Choice cover. Is there a video? I am probably all over that.

97a played as well. I think their 12″ had just come out.

I do not remember anything remarkable about Ensign’s set besides a brief scuffle after some kick boxing got out of hand.

Vision were really good at this show. They played all old songs and people went off hard for them. I first met Lilac Ezer at this show too. I am all over that video.

I also had a dumb beef with a friend that has been long since squashed at this show, which reminds me of how pathetically stupid the hardcore scene teaches young men to be around women.

I busted my nose pretty bad during Killing Time’s set. They opened with a new song and then went into Tell Tale. I ran towards the front and took an elbow to the face. I got blood all over my shirt and headed to the bathroom, where I cleaned myself up, fixed my nose, and then headed back up front. Killing Time were good and we headed home afterwards.