Annihilation Time

In 2002 my friend Anthony and I got together to start working on a fanzine called Fuck Rock. Fuck Rock never really got off the ground, but we did a bunch of interviews for it. Anthony interviewed Annihilation Time in November of 02.


1. Who’s in Annihilation Time, ages, any previous bands?

Chris-Bass (Fields Of Fire, Stand Your Ground), Jamie-Guitar (Fields Of Fire), Tony-Drums (In Control, Stand Your Ground), Graham-Guitar (Holier Than Thou?, Fields Of Fire, In Control), Fred-Vocals (Stand Your Ground).


2. When did you guys start playing together?

Our first show was in September of 2001.


3. How has the response been to your music, in Oxnard, and around the country?

The response has been GREAT.


4. What bands inspired Annihilation Time to play and what are some of the band’s goals?

Probably every single band we have ever heard or seen live (good or bad). Bl’ast!/Black Flag/Black Sabbath really inspired us to jump on stage and make some noise. As far as goals…We just want to record and play shows.


5. What are your next recording plans and touring plans?

We have about five new songs written at the moment. We will probably do an EP, but we have not recorded anything yet. We plan on playing/touring as much as we can. We go on a West Coast tour in January 2003.


6. How was the Fields of Fire tour? Did you guys tour in one big van? Any memorable shows on that trip?

The tour was FUN. Yes, we toured in a big van with a U-Haul trailer. All the shows were fun, but I think our best show was in Ohio. People were fighting, getting naked, throwing objects at us, etc. It was really cool.


7. Did Annihilation Time record a demo?

No, we never recorded a demo.


8. The scene in CA is quite different from a lot of other places. What is it about Oxnard that produces tons of bands and shows, in the past, and now. Why is it that there are hardcore shows every weekend in southern CA?

No one has really been able to answer the question why Oxnard has produced so many great bands. For some reason, Oxnard individuals/bands have always had a lot of Oxnard/Nardcore pride. We are proud of where we live! As far as shows every weekend…California (especially Southern CA) has perfect weather year around, and every band in the world wants to tour in CA. So more bands equals more shows. Plus, there’s a ton of kids that live in CA who live and love Hardcore.

THANKS to Bill/Anthony for the interview!