Vision At The Down Under in New Brunswick, NJ 1-5-08

When I was in graduate school, I did not go to a lot of shows. I really felt pretty insular and basically just kept to a friend that I paled around with for my first year. She and I were very close, but she was away with family for most of winter break, so I headed up to this show with Justin and met up with some friends.

I know nothing about the other bands that played because we just all hung out at a table and chatted. I also met up with a few old friends that I had not seen in a really long time and tried to catch up with them. I realized during these chats that I felt really out of touch with people from the hardcore scene and felt kind of removed from it. I also felt removed from the dumb way certain people needed to get drunk at shows and hit on pretty women at the bar. My problem with booze was never the actual booze, but the dumb shit people do while intoxicated.


Eventually we made our way downstairs for Vision’s set. It was a pretty typical Vision set, but one also littered with drunk assholes being tough in the pit. I wish these people would fuck off and head back to BACK IN THE DAY where they belong. You can always tell the asshole who has only been to two shows since 1989.

Afterwards, something weird happened. In the parking garage we parked in, I ended up having to climb across this open median to get to my car because the way was blocked. I jumped across and if I had fallen would have dropped like four floors. Everyone cheered me on, but it was just felt stupid and ridiculous. A lot of things about my life felt stupid and ridiculous around this time.