Cro Mags-Sick Of It All-Blood For Blood at The World in New York City, NY 6-30-02

This was a show that began pretty bumpy, but ended up being okay in the end. John and I got a late start heading up to north Jersey. When we got onto the Turnpike to head towards Hoboken we missed our exit somehow and ended up having to go into the city via Jersey City instead. After wandering through New York City we eventually reached the venue. Thankfully we had tickets already because they were turning people away at the door. Some of my friends used to get really annoyed at my insistence on buying tickets when possible, but it saved our butts a few times.

We got inside the venue and after a minute I found some of my friends. The stage was pretty far away and I could kind of see a band setting up, but I have such shitty far away vision that I couldn’t make them out. Before one of them could reply, The Clockwork Orange theme began playing. YES!!!

I kind of grinned at them and sprinted to the front. The Cro-Mags blasted into their set and a big pit started up like at large shows like this. I ran into a bunch of friends I had not seen in a bit and generally had a blast. My only distinct memory of the set is Harley telling the crowd to change the chants in Hard Times. I think they removed the word “skinhead” for some reason? Weird.