Top 100 Of The Nineties: Endpoint-In A Time Of Hate

In A Time Of Hate
Conversion Records


This is a personal choice. When I was a young punk Model was put on a mix tape for me (turned out said mix tape maker just copied the east coast side of the Voice of 1000’s compilation and said it was a mix) and I loved it a lot. In A Time Of Hate, the LP the song comes from, is a great record of slightly metallic youth crew hardcore with great lyrics about the environment, straight edge, and drunk driving. I’ve always had a soft stop for this one and probably listened to it a lot more in my teens than I did “classic” bands like Bold or Youth of TodayEndpoint’s later records go from decent to pretty bad in my opinion. They got some chances and got pretty mellow as the years went on. They’d also do a cover of that stupid Rick Springfield song Jesse’s Girl which would haunt my high school years, but let’s tell that story another time. If you like Endpoint I’m sure you already have these records. This record is out of print as far as I can tell. I’m shocked it hasn’t been reissued by anyone. The Louisville Hardcore wiki page has more information. Here is an mp3 of Model.