Far From Breaking

Back when we did Parade Brigade Fanzine, one of the bands we would’ve done something with if we didn’t end the fanzine was Far From Breaking.  I remember getting the demo in the mail and really liking it.  At the time the youth crew thing was pretty diluted (not quite as bad as it is today though) and there weren’t many bands in the style (or any style) holding my interest.  I dug the demo enough to pre-order their first ep.  I missed them when they came out here due to conflicts with school, but did get a special pressing of the record.  They came back and played Posi #’s that year.  I remember John noting that their set was one of the highlights of the weekend.  Listening to the records now, they haven’t held up all that well.  At the time they were great though.

Far From Breaking did a demo and two seven inches.  Here’s an mp3 from each record:

  • Left Standing (Demo)

  • Should Be Skating (Made My Choice 7”)

  • All The Difference (Identity 7”)

These songs are posted for sample purposes.  I post them so that people can be turned on to cool music and hopefully return the favor for someone else.  Each mp3 will be up for one week and then will be taken down. please support the bands and labels by buying these records and checking them out when they play your town.  DIY hardcore punk bands deserve your support as an alternative to Clear Channel/MTV/RIAA nonsense. 

If you are the artist or copyright holder for this song and would like it removed please email me and it will be removed in a timely manner.