The Nerve Agents-No Justice-American Nightmare-Damage-The Scarlett Letter @ The Melody Bar New Brunswick NJ 7-27-00

For some reason, I went to this show alone and the rest of the Manahawkin crew went in a different car. All the Wilkes Barre crew rode in with American Nightmare and I went to dinner with a friend at Southwest Burrito and then headed over to the show to meet up with my friends (and keep hanging out with her because, uh, I had it baaaaaad for her. You may need to add a few As there).

I remember watching Damage for a few songs. That was Robby Redcheeks band. The Scarlett Letter had members of 97a, right?

American Nightmare were very quickly becoming a hot band in hardcore around this time. I remember standing on the small stage at The Melody Bar and right before they began walking off of it just as all hell broke lose. They got a pretty crazy reaction.

No Justice were another band, without any recordings, which they actually finally had at this show, that got a big following really quickly. People went off really hard for them and things got really violent, really fast. They did do some corny shit though, like throw instruments around and encourage people to act dumb, which got increasingly boring.

A friend got into a fight at the end of No Justice’s set (during a Minor Threat cover?). This fight was with SOMEONE YOU DON’T FUCK WITH, so I got him out of there, which pissed him off and led to us shoving in the bathroom. Ah, a new low! We hugged it out, I guess and hilariously the people running The Melody wanted us to go out some back door. Why was shit like this ever tolerated?

I packed it up front for The Nerve Agents, but since I was such a skinny little shit I got knocked around a lot, including knocking Justine over at one point. They were really good though. I interviewed Eric afterwards in the parking lot for what would have the 4th issue of Parade Brigade Fanzine. This never came out and I never transcribed the tape. I found it when I was moving recently, so maybe I could do it now.