Breakdown-Tears Of Frustration-Grey Area-Voice Of Reason-Hopewell-Implode at Berkeley Heights NJ 8-14-99

This show did not get a big turnout, but Breakdown was playing so you knew we were going to be there! Rain On The Parade cancelled this show, but Tears Of Frustration got added. We got to the show as they began playing, but I do not remember much about their set. Grey Area were a band with members of Token Entry that played really melodic stuff. They had a record on Victory around this time.

Breakdown was, of course, the big attraction at this show. They played their usual great set as they did a lot around this time. People from Manahawkin went off hard and were really the only people moshing. I think there was another show on this day (Sick Of It All maybe?), so there was less than 100 people at the show.

I had worked all morning and then driven the nearly two hours to Berkeley Heights on little sleep and less food. I ended up puking outside in the bushes after Breakdown’s set, and then again on the Parkway, and passed out for a few seconds too. This was a time when I was not taking care of myself at all. I had horrible depression, insomnia, and, probably because of these things, was not eating well. This really hurt me in all aspects of my life. The good news was that around this time I began dating someone who would really help me get my shit together, at least for a moment, and really steer me in the right direction.