Still Life-97a-Bleed-Knotwork-Elements Of Need-Adventures In Immortality-Unanswered @ Bayville NJ 8-24-95

This was the last show at this VFW Hall. It got shut down early and one of the people who did the show got on the mic and really ripped into the people from the VFW Hall. It was awesome to have shows be ten minutes away that summer, but oh well.

Elements of Need were a local emo band, I think? I think Knotwork canceled this show. I wish I could remember Bleed because they were pretty good!

Adventures In Immortality came back on their tour and played again. They looked happy to see some familiar faces when we saw their van outside. I remember they did their soundcheck with a couple of Judge songs and I was so psyched because I had literally just heard Bringin’ It Down maybe three days before and had been listening to it nonstop.

This was the first of many times I would see 97a over the years. They blew me away with how fast they were! This was, I think, the first time I saw people moshing too. I busted a few moves, but mostly felt like a dork. I bought their demo at this show, which also had all of their WFMU set on the backside. The vinyl version of that only had maybe half the songs, so I ended up taping that set for a lot of people. I remember being so excited for them to do a seven inch.

The show got shut down before Still Life played. I think they passed curfew or something like that? We got out of there and I think my parents picked us up? That sounds familiar.

These shows in Bayville gave us a lot of initial connections to the larger scene. I spent the next week sending letters to every band that had a record, demo, and all the fanzines I bought. I got turned onto a lot of cool stuff and began to wade my toes into the hardcore scene outside of my area. I remember picking up issues of a lot of fanzines and got a flyer for a fanzine distrobution that would change my life.

A few days later, I ordered three issues of Hardware Fanzine. Nothing was the same after they arrived in the mail.