Signifying Nothing Episode 04×02

Taste of Fear-Pro Life=No Mind (Split With Disrupt)
Madball-We Should Care (Ball of Destruction)
Agnostic Front-Crucial Changes (United Blood)

Obliteration-Fascist System (Self Titled)
Capital Scum-Final Nail In My Coffin (Clutch The Flag)
Cop Out-Burned Down (Self Titled)

Mind Eraser-Withdrawal Symptoms (The Prodigal Son Brings Death)
His Hero Is Gone-Leash (Fifteen Counts of Arson)
The Proletariat-Bread & Circus (Soma Holiday)

Government Warning-Arrested (Arrested)
Trauma-Policy of War (Demo)
Political Asylum-Flight of Fancy (Solitary)

Fear of God-Two Sides of the Coin (As Statues Fall)
War Cry-The New Age (Not So Distant Future)
Messiah Force-Silent Tyrant (Female Fronted Heavy Metal 1976-1989 Disc Two)

Off!-I Don’t Belong
Dag Nasty-Circles (With Shawn)
Mauser-Social Lobotomy (Summer Tour Record)

Corrosion of Conformity-Prayer (Animosity)