Ferret’s Review: New Lows-Harvest of the Carcass

New Lows
Harvest of the Carcass LP
Deathwish Inc Records

Death, gore, apocalyptic breakdowns…..amazing!!! Album art is great and the song titles match the style. Don’t get your panties in a bunch just yet; this sound has been done before. Think early 90’s Integrity meets The Word is Law era Neurosis. Maybe a bit of Converge in there too. It’s doomy, experimental at times and pummeling at others. Lots of tempo changes make things interesting and I didn’t find myself falling asleep (which says a lot). So, for this style I would say that it’s not incredibly groundbreaking, but it still fucked my ear hard (in a good way, if that’s possible). I would actually not only seek out when they are playing, but also go out and see this band – again a very arduous task, so that tells you something.