Siege-Drop Dead

Drop Dead Reissue
Deep Six Records

This is a reissue of this highly influental band’s recorded output. Siege played brutal hardcore that, at the time, had only been seen in bands like Void and Negative Approach. The bands influenced by Siege could go on forever: Infest, Napalm Death, Ripcord, Septic Death, Crossed Out, and so on. The reissue combines their demo (perhaps the best ever? Maybe. Raw Power & Raw Deal may have something to say about that.), their contributions to the Cleanse The Bacteria compilation plus two unreleased songs that I have heard live versions of before but never studio tracks. Both songs are great and are a welcome addition to this. Seriously if you like hardcore, you like Siege. These guys set the bar higher. I am really glad this has been kept in print for newer generations to get into.