Poison Idea-Latest Will & Testament

Poison Idea
Latest Will & Testament LP
Farewell Records

With the recent passing of Pig Champion, I wasn’t sure if this record was going to come out. Poison Idea are back with one of their best efforts since Feel The Darkness. If you’re like me and love pretty much everything Poison Idea has done I think you are going to like this. While it is not quite another Feel The Darkness, or even We Must Burn, I think this record will fit really well on your record shelf next to those records. A few songs, especially Jihad Love, remind me a lot of Feel The Darkness, while others are somewhat like the We Must Burn era stuff.

No matter what, I think this is a great record. Think about it, how many other bands besides Poison Idea, Gauze, and a few others have been putting out consistently excellent records since the early eighties? I can name only a few others. Poison Idea never stooped to playing speed metal or pop punk, or post hardcore bar rock. If this is the end for them, I think this was a great way to go out. Poison Idea are truly the kings of punk!