OS 101-Foil-Anger at Stone Pony in Asbury Park NJ Fall 1997

This show was right before Halloween I am pretty sure. A bunch of locals packed it into the OS 101 van and headed up to this show. This may have been one of their first shows since the switch of name from Hogan’s Heroes? I cannot exactly remember the timeline for that swap. Some other bands played this too, but I do not remember them either.

Foil was a ska band that had a dude we were going to college with in it. We saw him around campus a lot and he ate lunch with us all the time. They were a…ska band, which is not my thing at all. I think I had a Foil sticker on my car for a few years though. They had a song called “I Hate Marilyn Manson” that is like this totally embalmed in a time capsule of the time period. Not exactly holding up to the test of time like say “John Wayne Was A Nazi” or something.

Anger were a local punk band. I think they were older dudes and they sounded like Dead Kennedys, who they covered along with “Halloween” since the show was so near Halloween.

I do not remember much about OS 101’s set, but I think this was the show where I got off this really crazy dive off of a pile of amps when they covered “Stuck In A Rut.”

This was also a weekend that I had a big exam the next morning and, instead of studying, I went to this pretty bland show instead.