Reviews For Week Of July 1st

Awesome Saint Vitus set from last fall. Their newest record is not too bad…

Systems Overload
Organized Crime Records

Even though Integrity, well, the classic lineup at least, is one of my favorite bands, there has always been something about Systems Overload that seemed a bit off to me. While great, of course, I found myself sometimes losing interest in it for years at a time unlike their classic Humanity Is The Devil album. This remixed version, done directly by A2, completely changes things. I can now see why some of my friends swear by this album as their favorite Integrity record. The changes are nuanced, but enough to see the progression from this record and its Discharge meets Cro-Mags meets Death Side dirge to Humanity Is The Devil and the very underrated Seasons In The Size Of Days. There are numerous rumours about shenanigans involving Victory bands and mixes, so I am glad this version finally came to light.

Kingdom Of Heaven
A389 Records

While Humanity Is The Devil is my favorite Integrity record, and perhaps the best record of an entire decade, the split with Mayday has my favorite song, Rebirth. This compilation combines the Mayday split plus Eighteen and their cover of Evacuate from the oft delayed and eventually released Negative Approach tribute. While this is a cool record and all, these songs are already available on a ton of other compilations, so I do not see the point. Eventually, Integrity need to huddle up and put out a good discography of all their good output.

Electric Wizard
Legalise Drugs & Murder

The most recent tape from the fantastic British band Electric Wizard has a few new songs and some interesting remixes. Since their previous Black Masses album, Electric Wizard has evolved past the increasingly boring “stoner rock” label to blend in some psychedelic, “shoegazer,” and even tape looping, which is something I normally found annoying but here it totally works. Eventually there should be another album from Electric Wizard and I look forward to it.

No Tolerance
Discography LP
Quality Control Records

No Tolerance are a great band, but I do kind of have a beef with a discography with *one* new song on it (which is really good!!!). I get that it is a good way to sell records, especially in the digital age, but I would be much happier seeing this done a little differently. But is there an answer? I honestly am not sure how else to do it without dumping things online. This is really only for people who need everything.