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Reviews For Week Of July 1st

Awesome Saint Vitus set from last fall. Their newest record is not too bad… *** Integrity Systems Overload Organized Crime Records Even though Integrity, well, the classic lineup at least, is one of my favorite bands, there has always been something about Systems Overload that seemed a bit off to me. While great, of course, I found myself sometimes losing interest in it for years at a time unlike their classic Humanity Is The Devil album. This remixed version, done directly by A2, completely changes things. I can now see why some of my friends swear by this album as…
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Black SS/Raining Bricks Split

Black SS/Raining Bricks Split EP Organized Crime Records After hearing Black SS again I pretty much feel the same way I did previously. These guys are pretty good; they remind me a lot of very early Kill Your Idols. The vocalist sounds a lot like Choke. Yet, I am not really feeling this record. Raining Bricks are very similar. They sort of sound like Black SS. For some reason the first band to come to mind is The Anti Heroes. Huh? This is fast, slightly OI! sounding hardcore that I’m sure will have a captive audience. Mine came on red…
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