Rain On The Parade-I Hate You-Atari-Rancor-Youngblood at Yardley PA May 1997

The first thing to mention about this show is that there were a bunch of rumors the day of the show that By The Grace Of God was going to get added. They were recording their album somewhere close by and I guess a bunch of people tried to convince them to come down to the show and play a quick set. The band passed and the show went on.

I think someone with us skipped their junior prom or something like that to go to this show. Cool. Youngblood opened, but I don’t think they ever even did a demo? Rancor and Atari were good at this show. Rancor covered “Expectations,” which was pretty cool. I remember hanging out with the Rancor dudes after their set. I Hate You was the band that got the crowd moving and people went off for them. I had pictures from this show, but they seem to have been lost over the years.

I Hate You

Rain On The Parade headlined and we packed it up front. There weren’t a ton of people at this show, but everyone went off and I got off a bunch of dives, but lost my keys at one point. That Yardley hall was a cool venue in a quiet town. Unfortunately I think there were only a few shows there.

Justin took this picture because that is my long arm wrapped around the singalong.