Murphy’s Law-Good Humour Stout Stone Pony Late 1996

This was the first time I saw Murphy’s Law! I wasn’t, and still am not, a big fan, so I went with some friends thinking they might be okay. I like Back With A Bong, but the vibe around this band annoys me so much. They were good and played all the hits plus songs from their, at the time, new record Dedicated. The sister of one of my friends was up on stage with them and got a condom put on her head or something like that, which was pretty funny.

What I remember most about this show was it bringing together a few of the “crews” of hardcore kids at our school. Straight Edge and people more into tough guy stuff got together and went off, even watching out for each other in the pit when a few dickheads got rough. Cool.

Good Humour Stout also played this show. I still do not know a ton about them, but I remember they covered Last Warning, which was so cool at the time.