Profile: Voices Forming Weapons

Back when Parade Brigade Fanzine was still in operation one of the bands I really wanted to do something with was Voices Forming Weapons. They broke up, and then our zine ended, before anything could be done. I knew some of the members from their previous band All Chrome. All Chrome were one of the underrated bands of the late nineties. Voices Forming Weapons came out of the ashes of that band and played hardcore in a similar vein; Hot Water Music, Swiz, Verbal Assault, and San Diego emo comes to mind when I hear these guys. They post out a demo in the spring or summer of 2000 and then did another recording session before breaking up. Originally they were going to do an LP on a sub division of Ebullition Records but that fell through. Later on One Leaf Records picked it up and put out both sessions on an LP called Welcome To New Bedford.

One Leaf has an mp3 of Soul Choir on their website. Check it out. Here’s an mp3 of Machine Gun Tongue also.

You can still buy Welcome To New Bedford from One Leaf Records. Members of Voices Forming Weapons have also go on to be in Glory Fades, The Refuseniks, So Automatic, and some others.