Top 100 Of The Eighties: 7 Seconds-Walk Together Rock Together

7 Seconds
Walk Together Rock Together
Positive Force/BYO Records


Walk Together Rock Together is a classic record. Few bands have been able to balance melody with speed the way that they do. Like most young punks I heard The Crew before hearing this record. I remember the first time I heard it (borrowed it from someone I think) I was so psyched to hear Ian Mackaye’s doing back ups on In Your Face. Most of the time when bands have “guests” on their records it sucks, or it is a younger band having some has-been as a trophy to show off on their record. Here it works perfectly. Walk Together Rock Together is also the appearance of the classic cover of 99 Red Ballons. I’m not super into recorded cover songs, but I love this one. Funny fact: somehow, despite growing up in the eighties, I didn’t actually hear the original version of this song until a few years ago. I can name you multiple Slaughter and Nelson Brothers “hits” but I couldn’t name that one. Weird.

I thought about putting The Crew here but at the last minute decided against it. Both are excellent records, but at the end of the day I think I like the one I chose more.

This is a great record and is still available from BYO Records. Here is an mp3 of the lead off track, In Your Face.

More info: BYO Records is still going strong as are 7 Seconds. I just saw them last year in New York City and they were great! The band podcasted the entire tour also. Very cool. Kevin has some solo stuff going.