Pointless Fest 2003

John and I made the trek to Philadelphia in a pouring rainstorm for this show. I remember we listened to some random reissue of Sabbath’s “Live At Last” album that totally remixed and messed with that record. We walked in just as Tragedy began playing and they were great as usual.

Hilarious story from this show: So they bust into “The Day After,” which has this awesome mosh part in the middle. All the scumbag crust punks are walking around in a circle, so a friend of mine and I start moshing and going off. I got grabbed by some crust punk and yanked out of the pit for a lecture from some girl with a mohawk. Oh no, I ruined your stupid circle! Fuck off. Wow bro, smash the fucking state with your walking circle. That will show them.

I didn’t know much about Totalitar before this show beyond a few records I had downloaded the morning of the show that sounded really good to me. They have been around forever and I guess do not play out that much. I have had other people whose taste I trust say they were kind of shitty, but I thought they were really good.

I watched most of their set and then bailed because it was brutally hot in the Church. I found John by his car and we headed back to New Jersey.

I love all these shows during the 2002-2005 era where we are in and out of the show just to see the bands we wanted to check out. A lot of the time, I was in such an anxious state that this was about all I could handle.