Bane-Ten Yard Fight-Tears Of Frustration-Reach The Sky-Step Ahead @ Berkeley Heights 12-12-98

Who else played this show? A few others must have at least. In My Eyes were advertised, but I do not think they played?

I went to this show with my friend Carson. Reach The Sky were kind of a hot, up and coming, band at the time. Carson got in a fight during Tears of Frustration after dancing pretty hard for them and a few people taking exception to him shoving someone. He was pretty bummed at how it all went down.

Bane were not quite yet a huge band and looking back not many people really checked them out. A year later, they would be getting massive reactions from crowds. I think I went for dinner and only caught a few of their songs.

Ten Yard Fight got a good reaction from the crowd. Strangely, I only saw them a few times. They seemed to play pretty random shows and also did not really do the youth crew band show circuit that much.