OS 101-Rain On The Parade-Shutdown @ New Providence NJ October (?) 1997

I don’t remember a ton about this show, but I remember it was during my first semester in college on a Friday night because I had class until late in the afternoon and I drove down to Manahawkin, picked up our crew, then drove back up past Toms River again to Island Heights to meet up with OS 101.

I don’t remember a lot about Rain On The Parade at this show, but I feel like the show was pretty empty because there might have been another show going on that night?

Shutdown did their usual 90 NYHC covers, which we all got really into, but their songs sucked so much! Really try hard “old school meets news school” that very rarely worked.

OS 101’s record might have just been recorded or about to come out, but I don’t really remember. I do remember they busted out a few Hogan’s Heroes covers, which was cool. This show was pretty dead as far as I can remember.