Le Tigre @ New Brunswick NJ 4-27-00

I dated someone around this time who was really heavily into queercore and riot grrrl bands, so I dove a bit deeper into those scenes than a previously had (which, before this, was mostly for the mighty Team Dresch, whose Personal Best album is the Age of Quarrel of queer core) in the past, which had mostly been wading my toes in and checking out the bigger bands. Cue Le Tigre, a new band for ex members of Bikini Kill who got hyped up really fast. In retrospect, their music is not good at all, but I still made my way to New Brunswick and met up with a few friends. Another friend was actually putting on this show, so I helped Le Tigre load in and talked to the members of the band for a minute.

I took a ton of pictures at this show because I was considering interviewing Le Tigre for Parade Brigade Fanzine, but a lot of them did not come out well for some reason. The few that did I gave to a friend for her fanzine and never got them back. I might have published one in PxB, but I do not have copies in front of me to look.

The crowd was way into Le Tigre, which was cool. I met a few people at this show that became regular show friends for a bit afterwards too.