Le Tigre at 4040 In Philadelphia PA Fall 2000

(This was 4040, right?)

I ended up going to see Le Tigre again a few months later. I think they had, or were about to put out, a new record around this time? After a nightmare trying to find parking, I met up with some friends and headed to the show. Some kind of hip-hop/breakdance group opened the show and it was hilarious watching a room of very white/middle class baby dykes trying to get down.

Le Tigre were good, but I remember being kind of sick at this show, so I bailed right after they played after hanging out with Kelly from the band Kaboom!. Wow, whatever happened to her? She was nice.

This was right before all the controversy with Le Tigre playing the very transphobic Michigan Womyn’s Fest. They did not handle it very well and a lot of people hot burnt out on them for good reason. I really do not understand any kind of liberation or feminism that excludes trans peeps.