Ensign-Speak 714-Automatic-Rain On The Parade @ Princeton Arts Council In Princeton NJ 5-16-98

I was going to make it a three day weekened after the Breakdown show the day before with a Ten Yard Fight show in Philadelphia on Sunday, but I busted up my hand real bad at this show.

Automatic was a new band with members of Mouthpiece and By The Grace Of God. They played melodic hardcore (ugh). I interviewed them but never printed it because it came out really badly.

Rain On The Parade were, uh, Rain On The Parade. Princeton Arts Council had a nice stage, so I remember getting off a bunch of good dives and even once almost landed near the monitor. Oops.

Speak 714 were good, but got a really cold response from the crowd. When they came back a few months later, people were a bit more into them. The pictures from their seven inch were taken (Justine I think?) at this show. You can see Christina Dong (Mincing Words Fanzine) and Brian Meryweather (Finish Line Fanzine) on stage taking pictures along with Brett Castle (Game Plan Fanzine). David from Second Choice Fanzine interviewed Dan at this show.

Ensign got a strong hometown reaction at this show. So I busted up my hand in the pit. I think it got struck by a random flailing arm or something right on one of the bones in my wrist. I ended up going up front and while singing along someone dove and landed right on said wrist with a shoe. Ouchies! We did interview them for Parade Brigade Fanzine #1 after the show. The “Jordan Cooper is an asshole” comment got us in trouble with Revelation’s PR person, who seriously fucking asked me to remove it in the next pressing. Are you kidding me?

I drove home with one hand and it was okay. We got home around midnight and I stayed up until like 3am watching Toonami probably? By then, my wrist was killing me to the point where I could barely type. I ended up bailing on the show in Philadelphia the next day with Ten Yard Fight, Fastbreak, Speak 714, and Automatic. Oh well.