Mainstrike-Committed @ Manahawkin NJ Summer 1999

There is a long story about this show being moved from Waretown to Manahawkin that has taken on a legend of its own over the years. I was at work the whole afternoon, so I totally missed it until a friend called my job to tell me to go to Stewarts instead of Waretown.

We had befriended Committed (especially Casey, who I still talk to today) and a lot of people from Cleveland, so there was some excitement for them playing. They were really good, but it was weird to get a pit going on concrete.A bunch of people I went to high school with who had stopped going to shows like three years before showed up too, which was a bit awkward because a few seemed really pissed that I had become a big part of the scene.

Mainstrike were great too, but like True Blue a year later didn’t really get over with the crowd. They, and the people with them, seemed less than impressed with the state of the New Jersey hardcore scene.