Ensign-Grey Area-Kid Dynamite-Kill Your Idols-All Chrome @ Manville Elks Lodge Manville NJ 4-2-99

We made sure to get to this show early for two reasons. First, this was the debut show for the first issue of Parade Brigade Fanzine. We sold a bunch during the show and handed a bunch to various bands for them to get rid of. Second, we had heard All Chrome was a new band from Massachusetts that sounded like Verbal Assault. They sort of did, but with some 90s emo influences. The CD of their records was on constant rotation in my room for a few years after this show.

Kill Your Idols were becoming a really hyped up band around this time. I remember a few older friends that did not really come out to shows were really psyched to see them, which said to me that Kill Your Idols were really onto something. The pit during their cover of “Here To Stay” was massive.

I watched a few songs of Kid Dynamite, but then left to get dinner. Grey Area was a melodic band with the drummer of Token Entry. Nothing really sticks out about Ensign’s set; the numerous times they played at Manville have really blurred together.