Mouthpiece-Count Me Out-The Killing Flame-Intention @ The Kill Time Philadelphia PA 10-21-00

Late 2000 was a weird time in my life. I was about to finish community college and had really pushed away a lot of my friends. This was right around when a lot of people began breaking edge and getting heavy into partying and whatnot. Even on campus, I had been spending a lot more time with a friend I made in a Gender Studies class (who was kind of hardcore scene ajace) than whoever was left from our original crew. I was also taking back to back to back classes, none of which I really liked, so I went to class and then went home every day. It was not the best time.

Nevertheless, I was still pretty excited to see Mouthpiece. We actually almost got in a bad accident on the way to this show. I had worked all morning and had not gotten a lot of sleep the night before and almost slid into another lane because I was barely coherent as we sped down Route 72 towards the circle. We stopped at the Wawa there and got one of the most satisfying cups of coffee I have ever had in my life.

I remember being really tired at this show in general. I was trying to get my head right at school and also was working a lot too. It was hard to keep track of most days.

I don’t remember much about Intention or Count Me Out at this show. The Killing Flame had ex members of a bunch of California Bands like Ignite, Triggerman, No For An Answer, and tons of others. They were pretty decent Ignite/Uniform Choice style hardcore with some 90s influence too. Unfortunately, not a lot of the crowd was into them. Nice guys though. I had a nice chat outside with Gavin about Carry Nation.

Mouthpiece brought out a lot of people I had not seen in awhile (some in 4-5 years!). People went off hard and Mouthpiece sounded pretty good. They did some more shows late in the year that weren’t quite as good as this one, but still pretty awesome.